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The Heart Strings Project


Travels around the Country to host conversational "Circles of Hope and Healing" for mother's and families who have experienced the throes of having to navigate the criminal justice system, while trying to emotionally survive during their sons incarceration.

Mothers, and families - who are often alone during these difficult times - experience grief, loss, feelings of emptiness, shame, and fear due to shock and trauma of having to deal with a sometimes unfriendly and inequitable justice system.  These mothers and families need support, compassion, and understanding that isn't always provided from their family and friends, which make these individuals feel isolated, mentally exhausted, and sometimes depressed.

Our Purpose


Seeing a need for energetic, nonprofit work in this area, we formed our organization to provide real opportunities for healing and support. We've consistently grown since then, all thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community!

The primary goal of the Heart Strings Project is to develop a GATEWAY to strengthening the human spirit and foundation of diverse communities, families and individuals.  Restoring and sustaining the soul of our Nation, offering citizens of the Homelands an opportunity to release, relate, relax and create “a new story” of purpose and vision in life.  

Our Mission


The Heart Strings Project seeks to discover, engage and support mothers with sons in prison.

The mission is accomplished by creating accessible networks for personal healing, emotional wellness, resource development and the sustainability of family solidarity.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the health and wellness of mothers and families impacted by the Trauma of the Criminal and Juvenile Justice System in America.. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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How and Why We Do.....What We Do


Circles of Hope and Healing

Our  Circles of Hope and Healing  initiative is focused on improving emotional sustainability, dimensions of personal wellness, capacity to strengthen relationships,  social, cultural and ethnic equity; while encouraging the serenity, safety and healing of our communities.

We are concerned about how crime and incarceration effect family members on both sides of harm. Family survivors of crime that resulted into someone being incarcerated seldom get an opportunity to talk about the harm with the family survivors of the harmer; how it has changed all of their lives, and impacted everyone's personal health outcomes.

Circles of Hope and Healing brings that opportunity to the community.  A circle of life and hope shared by the people, of the people and for the people of this Nation. Lead by trained certified Restorative Justice Circle facilitators. Experience a compassionate circle of deep discussion with professionals in community building, crisis intervention, meditation, grief, loss and healing.  It is the intention of the Circles of Hope and Healing to assist citizens in mastering coping skills, visualization for a better life, meditation for seeking inner peace. A holistic humanistic support system of citizens focused on restoring the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Systems, building better relationships, neighborhoods, families, schools, and the capacity to believe in hope, compassion and assurance of a safe and environmentally sound world to live in.   


Criminal Justice System 

 Trauma is Real 

Today, over 6.5 million adults have an immediate family member currently in jail or prison.  The health effect of incarceration on families of the incarcerated, and the health impact on family survivors of crime, harm, and violence should be examined, analyzed and boldly discussed. I have a son in prison right now with multiple health challenges due to the lack of appropriate medical care, while after waiting 15 years to be called back to court to reverse a forced plea, he is consistently denied health care and it is very painful for me to witness. I am also immersed in a plethora of stories from mothers while working on a documentary about how this injustice is impacting our health.

 I know there are others going thru the same traumatic challenges as I am, and I believe this could be a way to experience healing for myself, and help save the lives of others..... The Heartstrings Project is an opportunity to talk about the massive systemic health impact of incarceration on the lives of all individuals impacted by the American Justice System; an opportunity for healing Justice.  #JUSTUSHEALINGUS

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Circles of Hope and Healing is a Restorative Justice initiative that has been created as a response to violence and harm in communities.  In the Circle, the participants come together to engage in healing, support, decision-making and/or conflict resolution.  The circle participants work together in a nurturing environment, led by trained circle keepers with an intentional interaction of honesty and sincere communication, and the intention of repairing harm and building relationships. Through the Restorative Circle process, participants will come to a new understanding of themselves, each other, and create a PATHWAY forward for healing, restoration and relationship building.

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